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Lorentz Solar Dalgıç Pompa | 40-90m Basma | 1200 lt/saat

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Lorentz Solar Dalgıç Pompa | 40-90m Basma | 1200 lt/saat 'e ait detaylı bilgileri aşağıda bulabilirsiniz.

PS600 HR-07 is a submersible pump for 48 - 72 V systems (4 - 6 solar modules or batteries in series). Same motor and controller for solar direct or battery operation.

PS600 is more powerful, energy efficient, quieter and much more durable than other pumps in this range. Helical Rotor wet end, brushless and maintenance free.


  • Drinking water supply
  • Livestock watering
  • Pond management
  • Irrigation
Lift Up40-90 m
max. Flow Rate1200 l / h, 1,2 m³ / h
max. Wirkungsgrad64 %
Solar OperationNominal Voltage 48 - 72 V DC
Max. System Voltage 150 V DC
PV Array420 - 900 Wp
BatteryNominal Voltage 48 V DC

Controller PS600

  • Controlling of the pump system and monitoring of the operating states
  • Mounted at surface (no submerged electronic parts)
  • Two control inputs for well probe (dry running protection), float or pressure switches, remote control etc.
  • Automatic reset 20 minutes after well probe turns pump off
  • Protected against reverse polarity, overload and high temperature
  • Speed control, max. pump speed adjustable to reduce flow rate to approx. 30 %
  • Solar operation: integrated MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking)
  • Battery operation: low voltage disconnect and restart after battery has recovered
  • Max. efficiency 92 % (motor + controller)
  • Enclosure: IP 54 (sealed, weatherproof)


  • Brushless DC motor
  • no electronics inside motor
  • Water filled
  • IP68, Pressure balanced, ultimate submersion
  • Dynamic slide bearings, material: carbon/ceramic
  • Wetted material: stainless steel(AISI 316) POM, rubber, cable drinking water approved

Pump End "PE"

  • High life expectancy
  • Stainless steel none return valve
  • Dry running protection
  • Material stainless steel "ASI 316", rubber

HR- Helical Rotor Only

  • Helical rotor pump (positive displacement pump)
  • Two main parts only: stator and rotor,field serviceable
  • Stator: geometry made of abrasion resistant rubber
  • Rotor: stainless steel, hard chrome plated, abrasion resistant
  • More resistant to damage by sand than other pump types
  • Self-cleaning

Temperature Limits

  • Pump End, Motor: water temperature +40° C (+104° F).
  • Controller: ambient temperature -30° C to +55° C (-22° F to +131° F)

Mechanical Data

 MeasurePackage Measure
Pump End (PE)
Motor + PE
L [mm]A [mm]B [mm]D [mm]SDimension [mm]Net Weight [kg]Gross Weight [kg]
HR-0777158618596G1¼"850 x 160 x 15011,212,0
Controller Type        
PS600     450 x 250 x 2404,55,3

Direct Solar Operation [420, 480, 660, 720, 840 Wp], Compare: Fixed Array vs. Tracking Array

Lift Up [m]405060708090
Tracking System-x-x-x-x-x-x
Solar module [ Wp],
Solarisation = 6 kWh/m²/day
Flow Rate
[m³ / day]
Cable [mm²]4,06,010,0
max. Flow Rate  [l / min]
max. Flow Rate  [l / min]
660    8,512,07,310,56,59,2  
max. Flow Rate  [l / min]
720    10,014,09,013,08,212,07,411,0
max. Flow Rate  [l / min]
840    10,014,09,814,08,912,08,412,0
max. Flow Rate  [l / min]

For Solar Direct operation

System Voltage

48 - 72 V nominal, 4 - 6 12 V [Umpp ~ 17 V] solar panels modules in series, max. Uoc 150 V.

Daily Flow Rate

Daily flow rate is the result of effective current given by the pv array.

Given Flow Rates: Tolerance +/- 10 %.

A solar tracker will improve daily output in Summer by 30 to 50%

Sand and Silt Tolerance

  • The pump (HR) has a higher resistance to wear from sand and clay than any other pump type. In properly constructed wells the amount of sand and clay is within the tolerance of the pump.
  • A concentration of solids greater than 2% (by volume) may cause blockage in the pump or the drop pipe, especially at low flow rates.
  • Do not use the pump to clean out a dirty well.

Pump Cable and Splice

  • Standard submersible cable, 3-wire + ground (total 4 wires)

  • Ürün NO: PS600 HR-07
  • Üretici: Lorentz

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